CVL Music

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At CVL Music, I have one goal: Bring personalized, one-on-one guitar instruction to as many kids as possible. A growing body of published scientific studies have shown that music instruction helps children reach a higher level of cognitive potential than those who do not learn music. Despite this being demonstrated time after time, many schools are either removing their music programs or struggling to reach children with music. The Evan Bailyn Foundation has been a tremendous asset in helping me to bring music education to a larger population than ever before, and in doing so, accelerating the learning potential of many children."

About CVL Music

CVL Music is a guitar training program that works with children to achieve their highest potential. It was founded on the philosophy that when kids connect with a musical instrument, they gain self-esteem, discipline, and creativity. CVL’s founder, Cody Van Liew, experienced a deep appreciation for guitar in his youth and attributes a lot of the joy and freedom he enjoys to his guitar practice.

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Words To Live By

"We spend too much of our energy trying to fix things that are beyond our control."